Recover Your Credibility

What the article says: “… When I grew up in India, my grandparents used to talk about integrity and how it builds character. In their terms, integrity is deeply connected to a Sanskrit word called, “Trikarana Suddhi.” This word means alignment between one’s words, actions and feelings. “When your words and actions don’t align, youContinue Reading

The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time

What the article says: “… we spend too many continuous hours juggling too many things at the same time. What we’ve lost, above all, are stopping points, finish lines and boundaries. Technology has blurred them beyond recognition. Wherever we go, our work follows us, on our digital devices, ever insistent and intrusive. It’s like an itchContinue Reading

Two Lists You Should Look at Every Morning

What the article says: “The world is moving fast and it’s only getting faster. So much technology. So much information. So much to understand, to think about, to react to. … So we try to speed up to match the pace of the action around us. We stay up until 3 am trying to answer allContinue Reading

21st century leadership: the case for being more of yourself

What the article says: “We live in a time of exponential and disruptive change, significant risks and uncertainty on the horizon, and daunting challenges connecting energy, environment, our economy and our society. Clearly, our world and our organisations are becoming more and more complex and interconnected, and so do the challenges we face. “I thinkContinue Reading

Ghandi: The Seven Blunders of society

What the article says: “In October of 1947, Mohandas Gandhi gave a piece of paper to his visiting grandson, Arun Gandhi, upon which was written the following list — a list he said contained “the seven blunders that human society commits, and that cause all the violence.” The next day, Arun returned home to South Africa, never toContinue Reading

Humane capitalism and societal value creation

What the article says: ” The failure of free-market economic models in creating social equity, thereby perpetuating islands of affluence amidst a sea of deprivation, is the root cause of the growing public anger on the global corporate community. … It is in the enlightened self-interest of business to forge economic growth models that createContinue Reading

Our Greatest Deficit: Future-Oriented Leadership

What the article says: “The current generation of leaders has fought their way to the top of the pile in a system whose rules they understood, indeed helped to define and police. As a new order begins to emerge, their instincts, reflexes and well-honed solutions increasingly fail to address the new challenges.” John Elkington, inContinue Reading

The Great Repeatable Leader

What the article says: “Admiral Lord Nelson, Britain’s famous naval leader, owed his enviable record of victories to the ability of his officers to make synchronized decisions in the heat of battle without communicating directly,” writes Chris Zook. “These commanders, personally trained by Nelson, he called his “band of brothers” and they took the rightContinue Reading

Profiting from the Golden Rule

What the article says: “Reputation is earned through the simple, age-old concept of the Golden Rule: treat others as you yourself would want to be treated,” says Fred Reichheld. “Each time you live up to the Golden Rule, your reputation is enhanced; each time you fail, it is diminished. And the mathematics of long-term financial successContinue Reading

Two questions everyone asks themselves when they meet you

What the article says: “People everywhere differentiate each other by liking (warmth, trustworthiness) and byrespecting (competence, efficiency). Essentially they ask themselves: (1) Is this person warm? and (2) Is this person competent?” “… although both dimensions are fundamental to social perception, warmth judgments seem to be primary, which reflects the importance of assessing other people’s intentions before determining theirContinue Reading

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