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Marty Holleran “a moral compass second to none”

When I was in New York recently I had the great pleasure of meeting with Marty Holleran, a senior GE executive during the Jack Welch era. We talked about moral courage, moral leadership, and how he had resolved moral dilemmas. Over a couple of hours together Marty enthralled me with stories from a long andContinue Reading

NACD Conference comments

I have just left Washington where I spoke at the National Association of Corporate Directors annual conference: Future Proofing the Boardroom . 1000+ heavy hitters from the American business community attended. The hyper-partisan argument consuming the attention on Capital Hill meant the business of Government was never far from our minds. Several asked whether theContinue Reading

What 5 insights can you learn from the single best book on management?

Eric Barker summarises Peter Drucker on being effective What the article says: “Effective executives know where their time goes. They work systematically at managing the little of their time that can be brought under their control.” … Record how you spend your time. Cut the things that steal it. Then consolidate your time into chunksContinue Reading

It’s time for moral leadership

What the article says Humanity is facing a crisis of leadership—but what kind of leadership is needed? Economic leadership has been tried and found wanting. The crisis is not one of political, social or economic leadership, but of moral leadership, exercised by moral leaders. The basic building block of moral leadership is one’s moral code,Continue Reading

Two questions everyone asks themselves when they meet you

What the article says: “People everywhere differentiate each other by liking (warmth, trustworthiness) and byrespecting (competence, efficiency). Essentially they ask themselves: (1) Is this person warm? and (2) Is this person competent?” “… although both dimensions are fundamental to social perception, warmth judgments seem to be primary, which reflects the importance of assessing other people’s intentions before determining theirContinue Reading

Humility key to effective leadership

Vast research sometimes seems to state the obvious, although I am reminded that the obvious is like common sense: not necessarily common. Humility in leaders lifts employee engagement and learning, and lowers turnover. Not sure if I agree with the author’s view that essence of humility involves modelling growth to followers, as it is tooContinue Reading

Doing the right thing and self-interest

How to overcome short-termism: align doing the right thing with self-interest. Now there’s a challenge, which the authors handle with ease. Read the article here: Doing the Right Thing and Self-Interest – Alfred RappaportContinue Reading

Seeking moral leadership in china

Chinese business people (and the wider population) are searching for a moral compass. They seek meaning and guidance in a society that has been cut off from its traditional roots for a century.  Many are reaching back to Buddhism and Confucius as well as writings of the Taoists and the legalists for orientation and aContinue Reading

Solitude and Leadership

Solitude is one of the most important necessities of true leadership, as it provide vital time to think and form one’s perspective. “We have a crisis of leadership in America because our overwhelming power and wealth, earned under earlier generations of leaders, made us complacent, and for too long we have been training leaders whoContinue Reading

Leadership and executive pay

Bill Jesse from The Wine Group argues that executive compensation has to be redesigned, in order to foster a shift to wealth creation and away from wealth redistribution.  The Wine Group supports long term value creation by both measuring success over an appropriately long term and linking that payment to the performance of your successors. AmongContinue Reading

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