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Givers take all: The hidden dimension of corporate culture

From McKinsey Quarterly What the article says: “After the tragic events of 9/11, a team of Harvard psychologists quietly “invaded” the US intelligence system … to determine what makes intelligence units effective. … They identified what they thought was a comprehensive list of factors that drive a unit’s effectiveness—only to discover, after parsing the data, thatContinue Reading

Does academic prowess mean sound values?

What the article says: “Humanity is facing a crisis of moral leadership—men and women of character who can choose wisely and well in the difficulties, dilemmas and complexity of contemporary business and government. One of the biggest risks we face today is an assumption that because people share or subscribe to our corporate values, thatContinue Reading

Ghandi: The Seven Blunders of society

What the article says: “In October of 1947, Mohandas Gandhi gave a piece of paper to his visiting grandson, Arun Gandhi, upon which was written the following list — a list he said contained “the seven blunders that human society commits, and that cause all the violence.” The next day, Arun returned home to South Africa, never toContinue Reading

Profiting from the Golden Rule

What the article says: “Reputation is earned through the simple, age-old concept of the Golden Rule: treat others as you yourself would want to be treated,” says Fred Reichheld. “Each time you live up to the Golden Rule, your reputation is enhanced; each time you fail, it is diminished. And the mathematics of long-term financial successContinue Reading

Two questions everyone asks themselves when they meet you

What the article says: “People everywhere differentiate each other by liking (warmth, trustworthiness) and byrespecting (competence, efficiency). Essentially they ask themselves: (1) Is this person warm? and (2) Is this person competent?” “… although both dimensions are fundamental to social perception, warmth judgments seem to be primary, which reflects the importance of assessing other people’s intentions before determining theirContinue Reading

Doing the right thing and self-interest

How to overcome short-termism: align doing the right thing with self-interest. Now there’s a challenge, which the authors handle with ease. Read the article here: Doing the Right Thing and Self-Interest – Alfred RappaportContinue Reading

Leadership and executive pay

Bill Jesse from The Wine Group argues that executive compensation has to be redesigned, in order to foster a shift to wealth creation and away from wealth redistribution.  The Wine Group supports long term value creation by both measuring success over an appropriately long term and linking that payment to the performance of your successors. AmongContinue Reading

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