About The Confidere Group

Driven to build a better world, one leader at a time.

Our story

From the beginnings of Anthony Howard’s career, he had found that people who lead organisations simply needed someone to talk to. Someone who has no other vested interest other than them and their success.

We believe that leaders carry an immense amount of weight and pressure on their shoulders. They are the ones who care for everybody else within the organisation. But who cares for the leader? We do.

That is why Anthony Howard started The Confidere Group: to offer busy leaders someone who can be a sounding board, who has no vested interest in the outcome, to help them maximise strategic, operational, and stakeholder opportunities and their impact on the world.

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Our Core Values


As people, we want to care and be cared for.


As people, we want to be in close and deep relationships with others.


As people, we want to be heard and understood.

We are driven to care for you and what matters to you to build a relationship of trust and openness, and to create an environment in which you can be heard and understood.

We look at leadership through a different lens

Personalist Leadership

Personalist Leadership is the fruit of 20 years of leadership research by Dr. Anthony Howard, and provides the foundation to building a human-centred organisation. This model emphasises that the first work of a leader is to create an environment in which people can flourish, or be fulfilled, and that the first work of leadership is for the leader and follower to cultivate an effective relationship, agree together on the common good or purpose on which they are focused, understand how they will serve one another in order to achieve that good, and agree the specific responsibilities each has within their particular roles.

We work closely with influential leaders working in complex environments to help them excel in life, leadership, the creation of an enduring legacy, and the ultimate alignment of business purpose with sustainable profit.

We’re a group of trusted confidants and mentors for enterprise-level CEOs and senior leaders

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Our Latest Leadership Insights

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