Comparing this moment in history to the Global Financial Crisis

Dr Anthony Howard

June 5, 2021

The global financial crisis was the last major shakeup in the in the global economy and the question could be asked – What’s different to the current crisis the world is experiencing? The coronavirus outbreak has put the global economy under lockdown and is often compared to the 2008-09 downturn. But for some leaders, some organisations, some people, the virus has caused more disruption and meltdowns than has ever been seen before.

So we ask the question, when it comes to leadership, and business, the people within the business, what is different this time?


In this discussion with a select few of The Confidere Group team members, we reflect on the key differences between 2008’s global financial crisis, and 2020’s Coronavirus pandemic. Mark Goodard, Peter Scott, Rebecca McGrath and Anthony Howard sit down (virtually of course) to discuss:

  • The acceleration of decision making brought on in the coronavirus crisis.

  • The need to trust your people more in the organisation.

  • How the employee/employer relationship has changed.

  • How the relationship between the customer and brands have evolved.

  • What leaders need to be focussing on moving forward.

  • And much more

Watch this conversation below.

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